Governor Abbott's Letter to President Biden

Today is a remarkable day. Governor Abbott of Texas sent a strong letter to the United State government.

It basically states that the Biden government has failed to do its job of protecting the Texas from a border invasion. That "...more than 6 million illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border in just 3 years. That is more than the population of 33 different States in thi country."

As a result, Abbott is invoking Texas's constitution right to defend itself from an invasion and the Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety and other Texas personnel are acting on that authority to secure the Texas border.

This whole thing is over whether or not the Federal government has the right to cut the razor wire that the Texas Border Patrol installed on the Border.

Shortly after the letter was posted the governor of Oklahoma tweeted that "Oklahoma stands with Texas." Similar statements were followed by the Governors of Florida, Virginia, South Dakota, Georgia and Utah. Last I checked the Speaker of the House (Mike Johnson) just issued a statement that he "stands with Texas."

Abbott clearly coordinated with other prior to the letter being posted but so it is meant to elicit a reaction from the Biden Administration.

Could this escalate further into hot action or a civil war? I don't think so not over who has the right to cut (or not cut) razor wire. But the letter is a good chess move by Abbott and Republican leaders to put Biden in a box. In spite of the extreme Lefties on Twitter pushing for "airstrikes on Texas" and in spite of idiots like Beto urging Biden to "take over the National Guard in Texas" - none of those things are going to happen.

Instead, the letter is bringing out the true colors in everyone. Sooner than later, everyone will have to take a side - openly - not b/c of a civil war but simply because one side will require various loyalty tests. Both the Left and Right will have their own versions of determining "what kind of American are you?"

I've been shocked (well, not really) by the vitriol on the extreme left to kill Texans and invade their State sovereignty. No, they don't know how the constitution works and they have no idea what State's rights really mean - instead - they just insist on Biden airstrike Texas so that the Feds can cut razor wire on the border.

It ludicrous all around.

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