On AI Storytelling and Archetypes

I came across this post about AI telling stories:


I know that its "against the (unstated) rules" to be critical of others on Linkedin and I have nothing against an entrepreneur trying to build a better future.

We need optimistic views of the future if we are going to progress as a society. But, I have to take exception to a post that I saw today and commented on.

To be fair, I'm only reacting to what I read and a video that I watched - not on the merits of the business - so take it with a grain of salt. I commend the effort and the ambition but an Instagram-esque Highlight reel over a talk track isn't storytelling - its lazy. Computers are making the idea of storytelling - lazier.

Storytelling is mythological - and sure - a computer can mimic an existing story/trope that is already in existence - but creating a new myth (story) or archetype is reserved for the human condition.

Afterall, to quote Michael Keaton in the movie Multiplicity, "a copy of a copy isn't as sharp" and the mimic'ed stories will continue to degrade. Is there a place for AI in interpreting data, rephrasing content, summarizing libraries, deciphering equations, etc. - of course there is.

Is there a place for AI to extract information and restate and rephrase a presentation, a video, a lesson, etc - of course there is. But as has been said a million times before me - its a tool - not a replacement. And I'm highly skeptical of even the desire to replace human storytelling with a computer.

Sure, its probably the English Degree in me showing my true colors - so be it.

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