The Showdown Continues

After the historic letter from Abbott was sent to Biden Administration - 25 governors from other states have pledged their support. In addition to their posts on Twitter they signed a collective letter (of some sort...I didn't read it).

Many on the Right are hootin and hollaring for Civil War - I'm seeing lots of "come and take it" flags (from the Alamo) and bravado. On the Left I'm seeing vitriol asking for the President to Bomb Texas and to strafe the disobedient.

Its ridiculous. I suspect that this all ends up being legalese and court battles but there is potential for escalation as soon as tomorrow when Biden threatened "consequences" if the Texas National Guard doesn't let the Feds in (to cut razor wire).

How did it get so mixed up and messy? How did it get so backwards? There is hypocrisy on the Left in that Biden defied SCOTUS and has enacted Student Loan Forgiveness and the various Sanctuary Cities - do so in defiance of the Law of the land. Perhaps there is less hypocrisy on the Right - but there is enough stupid on the Right that goes a long the wrong direction.

Now we've got Trump out there calling the shots - before he's even elected. The center cannot hold.

One thing is for sure - we've crossed a Rubicon of some sort. Perhaps not civil war but Abbott's letter marks a moment of defiance that has drawn a focus on the lack of national unity. The letter highlights the stark differences between the Left and the Right....the States and the Feds. The actions have shown a weakness in the Union - something that the whole world is seeing. Surely our enemies will strike while they can (make their move globally, not necessarily against the US).

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