The Iowa Caucus rarely predicts the who the candidate much less the president will be - its all over the map. If memory serves me correct Ted Cruz won a few years ago. So, in many ways, its meaningless as far as votes go but its meaningful with regards to momentum.

Trump won Iowa bigly. He not only breached the 50% mark of total votes but it appears like he is going to win all 99 counties in Iowa. I read the word "unprecedented" - although I'd like to see a fact-check on that.

So, what does this mean and why would I bother even writing about it?

It means Trump is a real threat to the Democrats and they are going to pull out all of the knives. And yes, many Republicans will donate their knives to defeat Trump as well.

It also means that in spite of the numerous attempts to stop Trump that its had the opposite effect that expected and is emboldening more Republican and Independent voters.

My thesis still holds, though, that even with his momentum - that neither Trump nor any other candidate is going to get the required 270 delegates in the Presidential Election - resulting in the Election getting thrown to the House. Mass chaos will ensue - and I'm not sure we'll make it through. It will kick off a series of events that could spiral out of control.

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