On the Cowboys Embarrassing Performance

In typical fashion, the Cowboys choked in their first playoff game this year (again). They put on an embarrassing performance and got virtually nothing right. The Packers schooled them like they were playing a high school team.

I blame Mike McCarthy's terrible play calling. Their drive on their first possession was just run after run after run.

What happened to their hyped up Texas Coast offense? There were no quick-release short passes until the 4th quarter. Instead, MM kept running on 1st and 2nd down forcing the team to panic throw on 3rd down - every time. It was just ridiculous.

With "the best Wide Receiver" (Cee Dee Lamb) and "one of the best QBs" in the league (Dak) - why would you choose to run so much - except for stupidity?

And the Defense? They were playing a soft zone defense when all year they dominated with man-to-man. Maybe Dan Quinn wanted to get fired and out of his contract for sure?

The play calls were so terrible it was almost as if it was intentional.

The only solution is to fire Mike McCarthy. They have the talent and the players - they just need a better coach. No way can this team recover from this loss with the same coach. 12-5 three years in a row and its not good enough to get past the first playoff game?

Just ridiculous.

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