Man Versus Nature

Arctic front moving in tonight here in Austin. The warmest temperatures for the next 3 and 1/2 days is supposed to be around Midnight tonight. Its not as bad as Kansas City (they played Dolphins in -7 degree temperatures) or Montana who was clocking in -40 degrees.

Austin has had its fair share of negative winter experiences these past few years. First it was Snowmageddon and then we had an Ice Storm last year. The cold blast this week seems drier than the two prior years - I think we'll be alright.

I spent several hours today winterizing and prepping the house, the plants, the pool equipment, bringing in the hoses, etc.

The kids went to the grocery store earlier tonight and it was wiped out - memories of COVID or a zombie apocalypse. The produce shelves and the bakery were all wiped clean. People were panic buying in case we have a similar situation as the years prior. It looks like we are all learning from our past.

I can't imagine trying to survive in these conditions without modern conveniences: central heat, hot water, central plumbing, a warm, well insulated house, reliable electricity and a constant flow of propane gas. Its truly amazing and we are incredibly blessed.

We'll see what tomorrow and the next few days bring.

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