Oil Platform Terror

We've had the BP oil spill story in the Gulf of Mexico (Deep Water Horizon) - but it was more factual and about the oil spill.

What about a horror story of living on an oil derrick far and deep in the ocean? Focus on the isolation, the expanse of the ocean, the loneliness, missing the family, the pay days, the strange things the people see while working out there.

Emphasis the grueling trips on the crew boats that ferry people back and forth from the shore.

Write about an incident that requires the men to use the life boats and survive on the ocean.

Something knocks out their communications.....an EMP? Something that takes down radios and satellites.

A disaster story of a solar flare but told from the perspective of being alone on a derrick with no electricity. A big storm comes with huge waves. The terror.

Or a story of aliens coming up from the depths of the ocean and attacking the platform.

Stories of sharks. Or pirates. Or both?

There could be deep underwater scenes of having to dive to the bottom of the platform for maintenance?

I havn't seen Deep Water Horizon (the movie) so maybe some of this is captured already - but it feels like there is a lot of mystery and awe to unravel about an isolating story in the middle of the ocean.

If someone steals my idea - this post was written 1/12/2024.

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