The Writing Groove

I've written a blog post daily for 10 days in a row now. I don't necessarily have a goal to write every day - but why not?

No, the content isn't interesting but its still early innings....I'm exercising a muscle that has atrophied over the years.

I've loved reading all of my life and I've always dabbled in writing - but never fully embraced it - well, never embraced it beyond academic and business writing.

I studied English in undergrad and graduate school which entailed lots of reading and lots of writing.

Once I got into business my writing muscles shrunk substantially until one of my companies started to grow. With each employee that we hired it got harder and harder to keep everyone on the same page - so I started writing a weekly update (memo) to the company. It was comprised of a summary and commentary from me and then a department update that I either put together or the dept head sent to me.

The weekly CEO update became a ritual and a glue that tied the company together. I wrote a weekly update for almost seven years until I exited the company. The updates captured the ups and downs of the company - the fundings, the customer wins, the layoffs, the holiday parties, the sale and ultimately my exit from the company.

I've often thought about going back and piecing together the story and using the weekly ceo updates to help me craft the story of the startup. Should be fictionalized? Or should be a retelling?

I'm not sure yet - but I've been noodling on it and thought I'd start by just exercising my writing muscle for a few months to get into the groove.

I'll re-evaluate in a few months.

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