On Friendship

A friend in Georgia (and his daughter) died in a car accident few weeks ago. They are survived by his wife and three remaining children ranging from high school to college age. To say that its been devastating is an understatement - one can't imagine the difficulties in going thru something like that. The shock. The awe. The questions. The doubts.

But these friends in Georgia - they are surrounded by friends and have been supported by a network of friends across the country. They've had a very close family staying with them ever since the accident occurred to help them navigate the complexities of the tragedy. They are helping them with meals, inquiries, figuring out finances and of course being there with the family for emotional support.

The entire event has triggered so many different thoughts in my mind - about all kinds of stuff.

1) How would I or my family manage thru such a crisis?

2) How would my wife and family get access to all of the various financial and legal matters that I manage?

3) Do I value my family and friends with the idea that one of us could be gone the next day?

As I get older, my friends slowly fade away - both geographically, emotionally and socially. Its just a function of time and distance. People move for jobs or family or other obligations that pull them in different directions. Many thought/think that social media or phones can bridge the gap - but they can't. We have to make the efforts to maintain those ties.

One friend from across the country just called this morning to say hello. Not many of my friends do that anymore. I should do that more often.

What did Trent Reznor and Johnny Cash sing?

"What have I become
My sweetest friend?
Everyone I know
Goes away in the end"

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