On Horseshoe Theory and Creed

Every once in a while I put on the headphones and listen to Creed. Yes, Creed. There is something about the power chords and the pseudo-christian anthems that just feels right.

For years I mocked Creed - even if I secretly liked them. The band oozed fake, poser, copycats, pandering - yet when 'Higher' would come on the radio I wouldn't change the station - in fact, I'd turn it up a little louder.

The nadir of Creed was when they performed at the Dallas Cowboy Thanksgiving Game Halftime show. With the lip syncing, the cheezy shirts, the bad haircuts, the cheerleaders and the bald silk floater guy - it was just awful. Well, the cheerleaders weren't awful.

But out of this nadir, like a cult-classic movie that was rejected by critics - Creed has risen from the ashes. The halftime show is still mocked - regularly - in a patriotic, Americana way. I've seen people post a gif or a video link to the show along side quotes such as:

-"We had it all."

-"Peak America"

-"This is my everything."

And while I laugh at the gifs....I also agree with the quotes and watch the show with pride and my chest swells up and I belt out the lip sync with Scott Stapp in his blasphemous Cowboy jersey with his name embroidered.

Creed has fully horseshoed from mockery to an American Treasure.

I listened to Creed's Greatest Hits today on repeat - probably more than 5x.

Long live power chords and rock anthems.

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