Fall Was Yesterday (Enduring the Heat)

Today is the first full day of Fall. The weather forecast is calling for 102 degrees. The good news is that it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow along with "cooler" temperatures this week. By cooler, they mean "the low 90s" during the day.

The heat this year (and last year) has been something else. I know Texas is hot - no need to remind me, I grew up here - but these past two years have brought an enduring heat that just won't relent. Sure, those of us with swimming pools and central air conditions are comfortable when wet or indoors - but exerting any kind of extended effort of exercise or work in this heat is not only uncomfortable but dangerous.

I think its difficult for a non-Texan to understand the impact that the heat has on our day to day lives. For the most part, you can't really spend any extended time outside. You can't exercise. You can't take a leisurely walk after dinner. You can't work in the garage. You can't work in the garden. You can't watch the sunset (its not uncommon during the summer for the temperature to still be 98+ degrees at sunset). You can't work on the house exterior. You can't repair your car in the driveway, etc etc.

Of course, there are exceptions and emergencies when something has to get done - but for the most part - during the summer we exert an inordinate amount of time scheming to avoid any outdoor exertion....or even passive relaxation. For example, the local outdoor galleria (who puts an outdoor mall in Texas?) has a lawn area where they have musicians and plays in the evenings. This summer, we wanted to watch the local production of Beauty and the Beast but we couldn't bring ourselves to sit in a crowded lawn in 100+ degrees (it was over 100+ degrees during many of the productions even at 7pm or 8pm). I have friends who went and couldn't take the heat and left early.

Spending this much time indoors isn't natural for humans. Swimming in the pool helps (a lot) but there isn't much exercise or work that gets done in the pool. It usually ends up including beer or wine.

The heat dominates so much of our conversations on a daily basis - whether its complaining about it, enduring it or telling others about it during calls and meetings. I can't help but think that the heat is a literal productivity drain on our (my) lives. Anyways - Texas is hot.

Here is to the Fall....that started yesterday but might actually arrive tonight with some much needed rain.

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