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What do you write about on the days that you don't feel like writing?

How do you kickstart your writing muscle when its fatigued, distracted, tired or just lazy?

If Hemingway said "Writing is easy; you just open a vein a bleed" - then how do you bleed when you don't want to go thru pain? How do you force yourself to bleed when you are a temporary turnip?

Today, I don't feel like writing or typing anything - so I'm just going to force myself to bleed for a bit.

Tonight was a family night - a good night with everyone home, cooking in the kitchen, warm around the fire, laughing and chatting and just hanging out together. It doesn't happen often now that the kids are getting older but when it does - its a good thing and its warm and it feels great.

If raising children is 18 years of letting go - I can't help but want to hold on a little longer.....even if its for an extra month, week, day, hour....I'll even take a portion of a minute. Its all precious - every second. And I don't want to ever forget that - I want to remember it and look forward to it and cherish it. I don't ever want to be cynical or hardened or callous about us being together as a family - even if its an anti-social, insular evening of us just being together.

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